A Funny Day

Hard to believe it’s May!! I only have 2 more months here and 3 months until I’m back at home which is CRAZY! I’ve been pretty busy lately with work, tutoring etc. But I thought I’d write a quick post about a funny day I had at work last week, so here it is.
I had a rather strange day at school last week. When I got there in the morning I was informed that I wouldn’t have any classes that morning but instead I would be filmed doing various things around the school. It was for part of an English festival that the school was having that week, where students from every grade submitted different projects in English and the best were awarded prizes. Since I am the foreign English teacher they were doing a part about me and they will use it to show the Pudong Government School Board when they come to watch my lesson later this month. So over the course of the morning I was filmed entering the school and walking up the front steps. I was filmed talking to students, and playing a game with one of my classes. They filmed me singing a song with one of my classes and listening to students recite poems and things they had written about me, which was very sweet. I was interviewed about my background, my time at the school and how I like teaching there. I was even filmed sitting at my desk, walking down the hall and eating lunch in the cafeteria. After lunch we watched the grade 1 students perform songs in English that they had been learning and they had me go up and sing one with them, they filmed all of it. Then after lunch I had my classes as normal but the first class of the afternoon was also filmed and after class he interviewed some of the students about how they like my class etc. It was all a very strange experience!