How can it already be June?

Hard to believe we are already in the second week of June! I only have 3 weeks left in Shanghai. Time has been passing at a break neck speed it seems. This is my second last week of teaching; I finish work on the 19th. Then I fly to Sydney on the 30th to meet up with my friend Angela for our Great Australian Adventure! So we have been planning that the past few months and almost everything is set.

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while but May and June have just flown by. This semester I have been tutoring quite a bit, which is taking up more of my free time. The other thing that happened this past month was that I was chosen by the Pudong Government School Board to give two Open/ Exhibition Lessons for local Chinese-English teachers to observe and learn from. With this I had a bit more work because I had to prepare my lessons well in advance and work with the local teachers to make sure they were okay, then I had an evaluator from Pacican come to watch my lessons and give comments as well. All of this was a bit of extra stress for me but it was also a good thing because I was the one chosen so it meant that they were impressed with my work and wanted to use me as an example which is flattering.

Last weekend my friends; Katharina, Mark, Shanden and I visited a water town. These are old, traditional style towns on the outskirts of Shanghai that have canals running through them. They are also very touristy. We took a bus from downtown, which took about 2 hours. Once there we wandered around for a bit walking down the narrow streets lined with touristy shops selling foods, souvenirs, silk scarves and robes, fans and chopsticks etc. It is, in a way, aptly nicknamed the Venice of China, as it resembles that city in more than one way. We stopped for lunch at a little place and sat at a window over looking a canal, which was beautiful. After lunch we wandered some more then took a boat ride. The boat took us down some canals we hadn’t yet visited; once it dropped us off we wandered some more. It was nice just to take it all in. We decided to get ice cream so we retraced our steps to find a place we had seen in the morning. After that we sat by the river for a bit before deciding it was time to head back. As much as the town was full of tourists it was a peaceful day and it was great to see something new.

May has been a month of storms here in Shanghai and it has caused me some grief. I suffer from migraine headaches, which can be triggered by changes in air pressure, the kind that accompany a storm. In the month of May I had at least 5-8 debilitating headaches, whereas at home I might get that many in a year. This caused me to miss a couple days of work and cancel some tutoring because when they get that bad the only thing that helps is sleep. So I am hoping that we have moved past that weather and will have nice sunny days from here out.

That is all the news I have for now. Mostly I still cannot believe it is June already.


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