The Start Of A New Adventure

Hello everyone, I’m back! This time I am living in Italy, (my second home) in a town near Naples called Pomigliano D’Arco.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since I arrived in Italy. This past month has flown by. I am once again working as an English teacher, this time in a private company. So far it has all been going well. I am teaching beginners to a bit more advanced classes (A1 and A2 levels), and my students range in age from about 7 – 15 years old.

It is a bit of an unusual situation, the reason I got this job was because they had 2 teachers leave unexpectedly and needed to fill their positions ASAP. So I was offered the job, accepted and arrived here 2 weeks later, starting work immediately. There are 6 English teachers that work for the company, including myself and I am living in an apartment with 2 of them, fortunately we get along well. Everyone has been great, and really welcoming, so it was easy to become friends with everyone.

This past month’s schedule has been a bit different, because the week I arrived they were having mock exams, so I didn’t meet my students and start teaching until the week after. I taught for a week and half, and then we had a week for Easter Holidays. Now we’ve been back for a week and a half so things should be fairly normal for the next while.

For Easter I flew north to visit my Nonno (grandfather), Adriana (my step-grandmother) and other family who live about an hour north east of Venice in a small town called Zoppola. It had been close to 2 years since I’d been to visit and flying into Venice I felt like I was arriving home. I love Venice, flying in, looking down on the islands and the lagoon, it is my second favourite place to fly into, only surpassed by flying into Toronto at night with the CN Tower lit up. Anyways, I spent the week with Nonno and Adriana relaxing and visiting with friends and family. I had a great time but it was time to come back down south, to get back to work.

Now I will stay here until the end of June, then we will see what adventure I embark on next. I will try to update once of month, but we’ll see how it goes and what I have to talk about. And as always if you have comments or questions I’d love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “The Start Of A New Adventure

  1. Hi Emily reminds me of my trip to Italy and venice with you as our wonderful tour guide at Easter time. All the beautiful Easter treats in the shopvwindows. So nice to hear how things are going. Nice to be able to spend Easter with you grandfather. P.S. I still have Pompeii on my bucket list. Lol xoxo


  2. Hey Emily!!

    Glad things are well! Sounds beautiful and amazing! Keep well and keep updating! Miss You and the kids are getting soooo big lol!!

    Sincerely Mrs Lariviere aka Tracy lol


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